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Traveling from Lombok to Flores is an adventure of a lifetime, but dealing with excess luggage can often be a burden.

For just 30 USD you can store two bags for 5 days while you travel from Lombok to Flores and that price includes having the bags delivered back to you at the airport.

Instead of lugging your belongings around and paying expensive luggage fees to the airline, simply drop off your bags at our secure storage facility (or have us collect them), and we will take care of your bags and ensure they are safely delivered to you at the airport when you arrive back in Lombok.

By taking advantage of’s baggage storage and delivery service, you can travel light and experience the beauty of Lombok and Flores without any unnecessary stress or worry. Enjoy the freedom to explore both destinations while leaving your excess luggage behind. Say goodbye to expensive extra luggage fees and travel light, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the wonders of these stunning Indonesian destinations. Trust for a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience.